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Experience the EPIC difference

excellence from concept to completion

EPIC CNC is a product-development and CNC-machining facility specializing in “concept-to-completion” services. A subsidiary of BEHN, LLC, we were created for the purpose of manufacturing all BEHN clarinet products. From our expertise in acoustics, single reed mouthpiece manufacturing, and the music industry, our knowledge can help you achieve your dreams. Our in-house mouthpiece brand, PRESCOTT, offers clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces designed and built from the ground-up at an affordable price. 


With our 3D programming services and CNC manufacturing facility, we could be the perfect partner to help bring your brilliant idea to life. If you have a relatively small and precise product you’d like to explore, give us a call.

Prescott Clarinet Mouthpiece by EPIC CNC
bell precision measuring.jpg
mouthpiece precision measuring.jpg
CNC 5-axis lathe.jpg
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