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There are many advantages of O-ring tenons over cork tenons. Cork dampens resonance whereas O-rings create a more efficient transfer of energy. They are inexpensive, readily available, and easy to replace for fit. No longer do you need to pay $10-$20 to replace a tenon cork and no longer do you need to worry about your cork getting compressed and losing its precise fit. O-rings are better than cork because they don't compress over time, and with proper lubrication, you'll find that you can slide your mouthpiece on and off with far greater ease than with traditional corked mouthpieces.


However, many of us are accustomed to cork tenons, and for good and for bad, we have learned to deal with them without question. So, we offer you the following two videos on O-rings—a tutorial on how to lubricate O-ring tenons and a tutorial on how to install and remove O-rings. We hope that you will find the videos informative and invite you to give our O-rings a close look.


Please note that although O-rings are quite compliant and will fit many differently-sized barrel sockets, we are aware that some barrel sockets are especially small and others especially large. So to ensure your Epic CNC mouthpiece sits snugly with a precise, wobble-free fit, we offer three different size O-ring sets to anyone in need of a smaller or larger fitting tenon. Just contact us for help.

O-rings for EPIC CNC clarinet mouthpiece tenons
How to care for O-rings
How to lubricate O-ring tenons on your mouthpiece

EPIC CNC-manufactured mouthpieces often feature O-rings rather than cork tenons. Instead of lubricating the mouthpiece tenon, we recommend that you lube your barrel's socket. Any lubrication will work, but we like Carl Sawicki's cork grease the best.


Check out this short video demonstration by Brad Behn.

How to install and remove O-rings on your mouthpiece tenon

The O-rings on your EPIC CNC mouthpieces are very easy to remove and install as needed. Please check out this video for a demonstration by Brad Behn.

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