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Mouthpiece Blanks

Finally, a beautifully finished and consistent mouthpiece blank, and it’s affordable! Years of ordering overseas, poor and inconsistent quality, the frustrations of having to spend countless hours on “grunt-work”—those days are history. Now you can purchase affordable mouthpiece blanks, CNC-machined in the USA by EPIC-CNC. They play great without any handwork, or you can personalize them to your own specifics. Either way, EPIC-CNC mouthpiece blanks will help you build your business to the next level.


And that’s not all…


You can also harness the power of our CNC manufacturing system and build your own mouthpiece designs. We offer “concept-to-completion” custom mouthpiece development services. Now you can set your business apart from the rest of the field by introducing a unique product line. Let our expertise in acoustics, mouthpiece design, and CNC manufacturing empower you to fulfill your dreams. Whether you are an established business or desire to start your own mouthpiece company, we’ll consult with you and guide you to ensure you get exactly what you want.


To keep our factory in optimum performance, we not only build products for outside clients, but we actually manufacture products for our own businesses as well. As a subsidiary of BEHN, LLC, our factory is designed specifically to produce the highest quality clarinet mouthpieces. We have customized our machinery to manufacture single reed products made from exquisite rod rubber, and we are proving it on a daily basis with PRESCOTT and BEHN.  


Contact us for more details. We look forward to discussing how we can help you achieve your dreams.

clarinet mouthpiece blank by EPIC CNC
EPIC CNC mouthpiece precision measuring
EPIC CNC mouthpiece precision measuring
EPIC CNC Computer Aided Design (CAD) clarinet mouthpiece SolidWorks
EPIC CNC microscopic look at a clarinet mouthpiece
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