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About Us

EPIC CNC is a product development and CNC machining facility specializing in “concept-to-completion” services.  A subsidiary of BEHN, LLC, we were created for the purpose of manufacturing all BEHN clarinet products. For 16 years, BEHN partnered with American CNC machine shops for their manufacturing needs. But as the BEHN business grew, new ideas needed an appropriate arena for exploration, and innovative robotic techniques needed to be utilized to develop a top-level line of mouthpieces at an affordable price. 


In 2019, it was time to go it alone. BEHN needed to design and implement a CNC machine shop capable of repeatedly creating the world’s finest mouthpieces. They needed to take full control over quality and implement a broader arena for research and development.


Following a full year of R&D, product advancements, and amendments to existing designs, EPIC CNC was born with the dramatic unveiling of two new mouthpiece designs in February 2020.


EPIC CNC is essentially two entities. 1. We are a mouthpiece factory and the sole manufacturing facility for BEHN. We also offer our own in-house brand of mouthpieces called PRESCOTT. And we offer custom mouthpiece manufacturing services to clients around the world. 2. We are a design firm. Fluent in SolidWorks, Fusion 360, and PowerMill, our concept-to-completion capabilities allow our customers to confidently move forward with 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing services – all in one. 


Our abilities to design and manufacture complex parts in the music industry can be utilized in other industries as well, and we welcome your call. 


Epic CNC is located in the Oklahoma City area.    

Epic CNC tools.jpg
EPIC CNC Behn clarinet bell precision measuring
Brad Behn and Ron Shipley at EPIC CNC
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