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Peter Leuthner Clarinet Reeds

Made to highly precise standards from hand-selected, properly-aged, French-Var cane, Peter Leuthner Reeds now represents one of the world's ideals in reed performance standards. Leuthner Reeds are a great value because of their consistency and quality, and you will have far more professional quality reeds in a box than with most other brands. It is just a matter of selecting the correct strength and cut for your playing style and for your mouthpiece. Peter Leuthner manufactures reeds in French, German, and Viennese traditions.

French Cut Professional reeds are a great all purpose design. They are freer blowing and warmer sounding than “Traditional” French designs.

Features include:

  • Typical “Traditional” reeds are cut from 2.8mm blanks, but Leuthner French Cut Professional reeds are made from 3.2mm blanks. This produces more breadth and freedom.

  • The heart is a little bit meatier compared to “Traditional” reeds, further enabling a richer body of sound.

  • Leuthner’s hand-selected cane used in this design is a little bit softer than the cane used in other brand's "Traditional" offerings. This brings forth a free and warm clarity to your tone.

  • Leuthner’s tip is superbly contoured. This makes your response reliable and comfortable.

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German Cut Professional reeds are highly resonant and super responsive. They produce a very solid playing experience.

Features include:

  • The width is narrower to enable tonal clarity. They work great on Eb clarinet too!

  • The heart is lower and the tip is firmer – this creates crisp response and crisp tonal clarity.

  • Leuthner’s German design increases your range of dynamics. Cleaner softs and louder louds are easy.

  • Danger: those of you playing mouthpieces with inner window widths greater than 11.5mm – this reed isn’t for you.

  • Some people find the narrower profile more comfortable on the embouchure as they seal around the mouthpiece.

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Viennese Cut Standard reeds are great for players who prefer a thicker profile. They help you produce a darker tone with ease.

Features include:

  • The tip is very flexible to enable effortless response, minimal tongue pressure, and a warm sound.

  • The heart is high—close to the tip—increasing stability.

  • The cane is softer and vibrates with enthusiasm, creating a stable playing experience that remains free.

  • The thicker heart allows you to achieve a darker tone without sacrificing response. If, however, you prefer a sound with less cover, lighter strengths won’t close off or sound thin.

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