PRESCOTT is Epic CNC's in-house line of single reed mouthpieces featuring the full prowess of our production system. Now available are Bb clarinet mouthpieces, but bass clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces are coming soon.


PRESCOTT mouthpieces are made from fine acoustic grade rod rubber and CNC-machined to perfect performance. Our commitment to consistency is a promise we can confidently keep as our state of the art machines deliver precision performance at an affordable price.


Due to its high quality and affordability, PRESCOTT mouthpieces are ideal for everyone, whether a beginner or a professional.


Band directors and music store dealers—please ask about our volume discounts and our introductory special.

Prescott Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

  • Please ask about our volume discounts and special offers. We would love to work with you.

  • You may have noticed that PRESCOTT mouthpieces have O-ring tenons instead of cork tenons. 


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